Thomas Littleton

Tom Littleton - Nov2018Rev. Thomas Littleton is a Southern Baptist minister and evangelist, with over 40 years experience working on university campuses, coastal resorts and the streets of inner cities in the US, Europe, and Latin America. This work includes over a decade of outreach in New York City during the height of the AIDS crisis with ministries like World Challenge/ David Wilkerson, St. Paul's House, Times Square Church where he worked in street evangelism from Harlem to Wall. 

Thomas also is a researcher, who speaks on Christian apologetics, evangelism training, and discernment, focusing on maintaining a faithful biblical witness and stance in the church on today's most compelling cultural issues. He also writes for websites such as BarbWire, Worldview Weekend and SBC Today and is a frequent guest on national radio programs, such as Janet Mefferd Today. Thomas and his wife work together and provide medical missions and lead teams in Central America. They have one son who is homeschooled and exhibits a love of trains, legos, and God's Truth.

Tom's Blog: Thirty Pieces of Sliver