God's Voice Conference 2022

Friday Evening, May 6

5:30pm Registration - Open

6:30      Welcome and Opening Prayer

6:40      Worship*

6:55      Stephen Black: Opening with Video of Understanding the Deception of LGBTQ+ in The Culture and The Church - The REVOICE MOVEMENT

7:05       Stephen Black: "God's Voice: Proclaiming The Gospel of Jesus Christ"

7:50      Testimonies of Freedom Realized: Jim Farrington & Aaron Girod

8:10       Understanding the Equality Act - Video(s) & The Attack on The Church

8:30       Panel Discussion on Suing the President of the United States - Over the
              Equality Act, Chris Sevier, Esq - video, Panel: David Pickup, Daren Mehl,
              Stephen Black, with Janet Mefferd

9:00       Dismissal and Closing Prayer

Saturday, May 7

7:45am Registration - Open

8:30      Welcome and Opening Prayer

8:35      Worship*

8:50      Dr. Scott Lively: "The Legal Oppression of the Equality Act -
              LGBTQ+ Superiority"

9:30      Rev. Al Baker: "What REVOICE Hath Wrought: LGBTQ+ Activism and the
             Future of the PCA, and the Church's Challenge

10:20    Announcements & BREAK - Exhibit Area

10:40    Breakout Sessions

  •      Laura Leigh Stanlake & Denise Shick: Support, Prayer, and Ministry for
         Those Affected by LGBTQ+ Tyranny
  •      Scott Lively: “Sued for a Lie: My Legal Fight Against the LGBTQ+ Mob”
  •      David Pickup: “First They Came for the Books: LGBTQ+ Censorship Against

Noon-1:30pm -- Lunch

1:35      Michael Perkins: "Dangerous Affirmations of So-Called "LGBTQ+ Christianity"

2:30      BREAK

2:45      Denise Shick: Homophobia & Transphobia? Families in the Crosshairs
             of The LGBTQ+ Secular Humanistic Religious Oppression

3:30      BREAK - Exhibit Area

3:50      Dr. Quentin Van Meter: "The Growing Deception of Transgender Medicine"

4:45      Panel Discussion - Q&A, Dr. Scott Lively, Dr. Quentin Van Meter, M.D. Perkins,
             Peter LaBarbera, Daren Mehl, Denise Shick, Stephen Black with Janet

5:45      Dinner Break

7:20      Peter LaBarbera: "The Language and Tactics of the Gay/Trans Revolution:
             A Primer for Christians"

8:25      Closing Message, Senior Pastor Keith Burkhart: Trusting God's Voice:
              Proclaiming The HOPE of Eternal Life and God’s Plan (Closing Testimony -
              Daren Mehl)

8:50      Worship* / Prayer

9:00      Final Announcements and Dismissal

* Worship Leader: First Southern Baptist Church's -- Colton Seamans