God's Voice Conference 2019

Friday Evening, February 22

6:00 PM Registration - Open

6:30 Welcome and Opening Prayer

6:40 Worship

6:55 "The Revoice Agenda: What it Is, Who's Behind It and Where It's Headed" - Rev. Thomas Littleton

7:40  Video

7:50 "Why the Church Needs GOD'S VOICE" - Janet Mefferd

8:30  Closing Worship 

8:45  Dismissal and Closing Prayer


Saturday, February 23

8:00 AM Registration - Open

8:30 Welcome and Opening Prayer

8:35 Worship

8:50 "Sexual Orientation and Sexual Minorities? A Biblical Refutation of Revoice Theology" - Stephen Black

9:30 "God Made Me Straight, and I Am So Glad He Did! Moving from Homosexuality to Heterosexuality" - Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez

10:20  BREAK- Exhibit Area

10:30  Announcements

10:35  Testimony

10:45 "Understanding LGBT Activism: A Primer on Tactics, Manipulation and Strategies" - Peter LaBarbera

11:30  Panel Discussion - Q&A

Noon-1:30 PM Lunch

1:35  Worship

1:45 "How Revoice Entered the Presbyterian Church in America: A History and a Warning" - Rev. Al Baker

2:45 "The Queering of the Church in England and Why it Matters" -- Dr. Andrea Williams

3:30 BREAK - Exhibit Area

3:50 "Keeping the Church Faithful: An Action Plan" - Rev. Thomas Littleton

4:30  Testimony

4:45  Panel Discussion - Q&A

5:30  Dinner Break

7:10 "The Gospel in GOD'S VOICE: Hope for Such a Time as This" -- Stephen Black

8:00  Corporate Prayer

8:25  Worship

8:45  Final Announcements and Dismissal