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Dennis Jernigan_mugDennis Jernigan


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janetmefferd-pJanet Mefferd

The thorough research and excellent reporting from 'Janet Mefferd TODAY' Broadcasts from 2018 thru 2019 on REVOICE vs. The God's Voice Conference (MUST LISTEN).  

To hear Janet Mefferd's Important Opening Message for GVC19 go to the Professional Record Video Page. 




Stephen Black-pStephen Black

"Special Encounter" Interview on God's Voice Conference with KQCV Station Manager - Paul Sublett

Important God's Voice Conference Interview: "The Meeting House" - Faith Radio Interview with Bob Crittenden - Guest Stephen Black

Stephen's book & published effectiveness survey report: Freedom Realized: Finding Freedom from Homosexuality & Living Life Free from Labels

Concerning "Orientation" and so-called "Gay LGBTQ+" Read: THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JESUS CHRIST; AND THE "GAY CHRISTIAN?" by Stephen Black

"GAY CHRISTIANITY" IS COMING INTO THE CHURCH by Stephen Black (Contains: A Link to Interview with Janet Mefferd)


Are you really born again? Read:  "BORN AGAIN? EXAMINE YOURSELF! by Stephen Black

During the last teaching, "The Gospel in GOD'S VOICE: Hope for Such a Time as This" - Stephen Black mentioned the need to be truly saved in sharing about his own salvation experiences. The Evangelist, Bailey Smith who lived across the street from him growing up shared the following very important message at the Starlight Crusade in 1983.  After Stephen was saved, Bailey Smith asked Stephen to share at the same Starlight Crusade, on July 7, 1983, with Sandi Patty as a worship leader guest.  Bailey preached a life stirring message called the Wheat and The Tares. This message promoted one of several sources of Stephen's continued spiritual formation. Please Listen here to late Bailey Smith's message from May of 2014. Dr. Bailey Smith went to be with the Lord, at the age of 79, on January 14, 2019, he was born January 30, 1939.


To hear Stephen Black's Two Messages presented at the GVC19 go to the Professional Record Video Page.



Peter LaBarbera-1Peter LaBarbera

Americans For Truth readers can now enjoy Peter LaBarbera's "Americans For Truth - LIVE" webcasting news every day at noon CT.

The video showed during Peter's talk.

Post Conference Americans For Truth LIVE 2-25-2019 

To hear Peter LaBarbera's Message of Exposing the Gay Agenda and REVOICE presented at the GVC19 go to the Professional Record Video Page.



Al BakerRev. Al Baker

Online Weekly Devotional & Blog 

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Read Rev. Al's New Tract: "The Lake of Fire: What's it Like, Who Goes There, and Why?"

Post Conference Ministry Update from Rev. Al Baker 2-26-2019

To hear the excellent message Rev. Al Baker presented at the GVC19 go to the Professional Record Video Page.



David Pickup-pDavid Pickup

The Truth About Therapy Bans: All the Answers You Need

"How to Make a Homosexual" - Introduction to David Pickup's new book coming soon

To hear the excellent message David Pickup presented at the GVC19 go to the Professional Record Video Page.


Extra Presentations from Pastor Dan Fisher - PRE-God's Voice Conference Messages: 

DanFisherPastor Dan Fisher

Four Part "Given Over" Series in Preparation for the God's Voice Conference