Why This Term?

"Queering" is not a term that anyone on the GOD'S VOICE Committee or the hosting churches enjoys hearing, seeing or repeating. The words "queer" and "queering" used to mean something strange and derogatory, but not anymore. Today, "queer" is how the LGBTQ+ community and powerful well-funded homosexual-bisexual-transgender organizations rebelliously communicate about themselves.

The idea of “queering the church” comes from the heretical "LGBTQ+ Christian" movement. From their misguided perspective, the term “queer” or “queering” is the idea of adding something unique (read: positive and more “diverse”) to whatever is connected to that word. Thus LGBTQ+ activists believe “queer” is identifying all things LGBTQ+ as unique and good, and they seek to redefine Christianity accordingly. The decision to use the conference subtitle: “A Biblical Response to the Queering of the Church” speaks to the alarming reality that there is a growing movement of religious activists who are busy working to “revoice” the Church and the Word of God to embrace “queer”—rooted in sinful behaviors--as good and even holy. The “LGBTQ+ Christians” go so far as to claim that there will be “queer treasure found in heaven.”

The GOD’S VOICE Committee, associates, hosting churches and the entire team supporting the conference are people who are grieved at what is transpiring in the Church. We could not disagree more about calling “queer” good, affirming disordered, unscriptural identities and empowering the LGBTQ+ way of life--knowing that this will only lead to further deception, corruption, chaos and confusion in the Church and wider culture, and for some, even death. We are praying for God’s mercy to change hearts to move away from such broken identities and terms.