'Janet Mefferd Today' - Broadcasts on REVOICE vs God's Voice Conference






May 18, 2018:
Tom Littleton, "What is the Revoice Conference?"

May 25, 2018:
Stephen Black, "A Biblical Refutation of the Revoice Conference"

June 1, 2018:
Tom Littleton, "Who's Behind the Revoice Narrative?"

June 12, 2018:
Chuck Williams, "The PCA and Revoice"

June 14, 2018:
Tom Littleton: "Thrown out of the SBC Annual Meeting for Revoice Questions"

June 19, 2018:
Peter LaBarbera, "I Signed up for Revoice, and They Kicked Me (and Stephen Black) Out!"

June 26, 2018:
Tom Littleton, "SBC Responses to Revoice"

Aug. 22, 2018:
Tom Littleton, "The Stain of Revoice: A Pro-LGBT, Biblically Inclusive Church Audit?"

Nov. 27, 2018:
Peter LaBarbera: "It's Time for God's Voice! A Response to Revoice"

Jan. 16, 2019:
Tom Littleton, "The PCA's cover-up on Revoice"

Feb. 5, 2019:
Tom Littleton, "Why the God's Voice Conference?"

Feb. 15, 2019:
The Rev. Al Baker - "How the PCA Got Revoice: A History and a Warning"


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