Professional Recorded Videos 2019

Friday Evening, February 22


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"Why the Church Needs GOD'S VOICE" - Janet Mefferd

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AUDIO FILE MP3 - Message 2 - Janet Mefferd



Saturday, February 23

mp4 icon-3) "Sexual Orientation and Sexual Minorities? A Biblical Refutation of Revoice Theology" - Stephen Black


MP3 Icon-AUDIO FILE MP3 - Message 3 - Stephen Black




mp4 icon-4) Testimony Message: "God's Amazing Grace: How I Left the World of Transgenderism" - Laura Perry and Mrs. Francine Perry - (Laura's mother sharing her perspective.)


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MP3 Icon-5) Testimony: "Created for Manhood!" - Andrew Franklin (Video Unavailable)
AUDIO FILE MP3 - Andrew Franklin Testimony

mp4 icon- 6) "Understanding LGBT Activism: A Primer on Tactics, Manipulation and Strategies" - Peter LaBarbera


MP3 Icon-AUDIO FILE MP3 - Message 4 - Peter LaBarbera



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7) "How Revoice Entered the Presbyterian Church in America: A History and a Warning" - Rev. Al Baker


MP3 Icon-AUDIO FILE MP3 - Message 5 - Rev. Al Baker



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8) "Must Stay Gay? The Push to Ban Therapy and Why it Matters for the Church" - David Pickup


MP3 Icon-AUDIO FILE MP3 - Message 6 - David Pickup




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Testimony: "Contentment and Joy - Rescued from Despair" - Laura Leigh Stanlake


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"The Gospel in GOD'S VOICE: Hope for Such a Time as This" - Stephen Black


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AUDIO FILE MP3 - Final Message - Stephen Black 





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