Donations Are Appreciated

If you believe the church of Jesus Christ needs to hear and obey GOD'S VOICE on the issue of biblical sexuality inside our congregations and denominations, we need your support! There is a movement within evangelicalism right now to "revoice" biblical doctrine and to twist and market the gospel of Jesus Christ into a promotion of "LGBTQ+ Christianity." It is our hope that the GOD'S VOICE Conference can become an annual event, continuing to help equip Christians to remain faithful to a biblically orthodox position on human sexuality and to encourage Christians to resist moving the church into embracing all things LGBTQ+. We want to keep providing biblical teaching and encouragement to churches, as well as to those struggling with sexual brokenness and to families who have a loved one wrestling with these issues. The church must continue to proclaim that there is HOPE through the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ! Will you please join us and help keep the church of Jesus Christ remain committed to holiness and biblical truth? If so, please look below for several ways to send your donation. Please clearly mark your donation, for "GOD'S VOICE" all donations are tax deductible through First Stone Ministries. Thank you for your support!


Giving to GOD'S VOICE Conference:

  • PayPal: You may also use your PayPal account to make donations.*
  • Check: Make check payable to First Stone Ministries or FSM, in the memo write GOD'S VOICE, and send to:

First Stone Ministries
1330 N Classen Blvd Ste G80
Oklahoma City, OK 73106-6856


Fees & Rules for Online Donations

If a donor using our online terminal and needs a refund, First Stone Ministries will grant the refund up to 30 days with fees deducted from the original donation amount, as follows:

  • Requests for refund after 30 days will not be granted.
  • All refunds within the 30-day window are subject to a 5% fee up to $500. Refunds on donations over $500 will have a minimum fee of $25 per refund.
  • Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) will be the responsibility of the donor/purchaser. The fee that is charged to us will be passed along to the donor/purchaser. We will attempt to obtain these funds first by automatically deducting them using the original service used by the donor/purchaser then second by establishing a charge in our accounting software.
  • Requests to cancel recurring donations/payments or requests for refunds according to the policy above, please contact donations [at] or call Joseph at 405-236-4673.

* First Stone Ministries will be the managing partner of funds donated for this conference.