Why God's Voice

In May 2018, Southern Baptist evangelist and writer Tom Littleton began warning Christians about the impending debut of a conference called "Revoice."

Set for July 2018 at a Presbyterian Church in America congregation in St. Louis, Revoice announced its vision as "supporting, encouraging, and empowering gay, lesbian, same-sex-attracted and other LGBT+ Christians so they can experience the life-giving character of the historic Christian tradition."

But soon, the Christian world learned the truth about Revoice's unbiblical messaging and terminology, like "LGBT+ Christians," "sexual minorities," "sexual orientation," "mixed-orientation marriages," "redeeming queer culture" and "race, sexuality and intersectionality."

Why is the radical and progressive language of LGBTQ+ activism being embraced by a historically conservative and confessional denomination like the PCA? Who is enabling this message? And what are LGBTQ+ activists' long-term goals for undermining and changing the doctrine of biblically faithful Christianity on all things LGBTQ+?

How should God's people stand on His Word at a time like this?

Now is the time for GOD'S VOICE to be heard and for Christians to stand against the queering of the church of Jesus Christ with the uncompromising truth of God's Word.

Please join us in Oklahoma City on February 22 and 23, 2019, as we hear and submit to GOD'S VOICE on biblical sexuality and embrace once more the transformational power of the gospel!

 "But this command I gave them: ‘Obey My voice, and I will be your God, and you shall be my people. And walk in all the way that I command you, that it may be well with you.’ " Jeremiah 7:23"

Listen to About God's Voice - an invitation to the conference.