A Message from The God's Voice Conference Committee - June 12, 2020

The members of the God's Voice Conference steering committee would like to set the record straight concerning some false allegations that have been leveled against us.

First Stone Ministries executive director Stephen Black, who also serves on the God’s Voice Conference steering committee, was asked to appear in American Family Studios' upcoming film, “In His Image,” to share his testimony on camera. God's Voice Conference had no involvement in the film and has no formal relationship with American Family Studios or the American Family Association.

As the choice of participants in the film was solely that of American Family Studios, Stephen Black had no knowledge about, say over or contact with anyone else interviewed for the film except for Laura and Francine Perry. Subsequently, Stephen Black's participation in the film in no way implies any endorsement of any other participants, their ministries or any entity connected to or endorsed by any other participant.

God's Voice Conference and all its steering committee members -- Stephen Black, Peter LaBarbera and Janet Mefferd -- continue to strongly and categorically reject the deadly errors and heresies of both Revoice and Mark Yarhouse. In addition, they continue to repudiate every error of The Gospel Coalition related to the sins of both homosexual lusts and homosexual behavior and any unbiblical position of any of its members or writers who undermine, in any way, the hope of redemption and Christ-centered transformation for every repentant sexual sinner.

God's Voice Conference and its steering committee members remain firmly and faithfully committed to the Word of God and the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ to save and transform anyone wrestling with homosexuality or any other form of sexual sin. Our biblical position against all forms of alleged "LGBTQ+ Christianity" is the entire reason we created and conducted the God's Voice Conference. If we did not strongly believe that this dangerous heresy needed to be refuted from the Word of God, the conference would not exist.

Anyone who has communicated or implied in any way that the God's Voice Conference has, in any way, shape or form, compromised its biblical position on homosexuality, or that anyone on the God's Voice Conference steering committee has either directly or implicitly endorsed or supported any person or entity that rejects or undermines the biblical hope offered by the God’s Voice Conference last year, is smearing the conference with known falsehoods and baseless conspiracy theories.

We look forward to the upcoming God’s Voice Conference in 2021, with details about a new date coming soon. Now, as ever, we are profoundly grateful to the Lord for His boundless love, infinite mercy and abiding truth.