2022 Speakers Resources Page

The content of this page will be uploaded after the 2022 conference with videos and audios for download.  2022 Conference Program (PDF)

2022 God's Voice Videos are uploaded to this YouTube Channel 


Introducing 2022 God's Voice Conference Video 
GVC Intro Video Slide.JPG

God's Voice Introduction Video for Stephen Black's Message
Video 1 - 1st Presentation - Stephen Black

1st Presentation
1st Presentation - Stephen Black GVC 22

1st Presentation - Testimonies ONLY
-1st Presentation - Part B-- Jim Farrington and Aaron Girod Testimonies ONLY

2nd Presentation

2nd Presentation - Understanding the Equality Act - and Suing the POTUS


3rd Presentation
3rd Presentation - Dr. Scott Lively - LGBTQ Opression

4th Presentation
4th Presentation - What REVOICE Wrought - Rev. Al Baker


5th Presentation

5th Presentation - Michael Perkins Dangerous Affirmations of So-Called LGBTQ Christianity


6th Presentation
6th Presentation - Denise Shick - Homophobia and Transphobia Families in the Crosshairs of The LGBTQ Secular Humanistic Religious Oppression


7th Presentation
7th Presentation - Dr. Quentin Van Meter The Growing Deception of Transgender Medicine


8th Presentation
8th Presentation - 2nd Panel Discussion for God's Voice 2022


9th Presentation
9th Presentation - Peter LaBarbera Peter LaBarbera The Language and Tactics of the GayTrans Revolution A Primer for Christians


10th Presentation Testimony 10th Presentation - Testimony Daren Mehl


10th Presentation - Closing Message
10th Presentation - Keith Burkhart with Daren Mehl Testimony



Breakout 1 - David Pickup
Breakout - David Pickup -- First They Came for the Books LGBTQ Censorship Againts Christians


Breakout 2 - Dr. Scott Lively
Breakout - Dr. Scott Lively - Sued for a Lie My Legal Fight Against the LGBTQ+ Mob